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We have a new online booking system! The platform will look different, but its up and running! You may need to create an account, let us know if you have any questions or concerns! 253.344.3069

New clients with Doodles and Standard Poodles as of 08/01/23 Please check booking site for updated pricing. 

FULL Groom
This service includes all  Bath & Brush services  plus full body haircut. 

$83          Small

$93         Medium

$113+     Large


Poodle clean feet 

 + $20


$110       Mini

$125       Medium

$135       Large

$150         XL

Standard Poodle 

Non Pet Cuts (same length all over body is considered a pet cut) will start at $150

This includes any clip with clean face and feet. 

Touch Up
This service includes all Bath & Brush services plus face, feet, and sanitary trim only. 

$57       Small

$67    Medium

$87+     Large


$70        Mini

$80        Medium

$90      Large

$115       XL

* Extra charges may apply for more scissoring such as the "feathers" on breeds such as:  


Austrailian Shepherd


Golden Retreiver


Bath & Brush
Bath, blow dry, ears cleaned and ear hair removed, nails clipped and or filed (dremel),brush out.

$42      Small 

$52      Medium

$72+    Large 


$55       Mini

$65       Medium

$80       Large

$95     XL

Additional Services

Teeth Brushing+ Breath Spray $12

Special Handling Fee- starts at $25

Flea Shampoo- $15 **see flea post** -->

De Shed - $15-$45 depending on size.

*We do not offer walk in nail trims



Hear what all the bark is about!

Sarah was very friendly, soothing & gentle with Ralphie, my 3 year old rescue terrier mix. He got a nice bath & nail trimming and a bit of a trim. He was scared by the hair blower/dryer & electronic nail trimmer because of the noise but Sarah was very reassuring to him.

Sue M.

Sarah was fabulous! Super nice, professional, and did a great job with Mona! Very happy. We’ll be booking again soon!

Suzy L.

Sarah was great and really took her time grooming my dog which I really appreciated. She listened to my grooming requests and was detailed. I love my dog’s haircut and she looks beautiful!

Linnea R.

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