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Hear what all the bark is about at Kent Station

FULL Groom
This service includes all  Bath & Brush services  plus full body haircut. 

$78          Small

$88          Medium

$105+     Large


Poodle clean feet 

 + $20


$110       Mini

$125       Medium

$135       Large

$150         XL

Standard Poodle 

Non Pet Cuts (same length all over body is considered a pet cut) will start at $150

This includes any clip with clean face and feet. 

Touch Up
This service includes all Bath & Brush services plus face, feet, and sanitary trim only. 

$52       Small

$62       Medium

$82+     Large


$70        Mini

$80        Medium

$90      Large

$115       XL

* Extra charges may apply for more scissoring such as the "feathers" on breeds such as:  


Austrailian Shepherd


Golden Retreiver


Bath & Brush
Bath, blow dry, ears cleaned and ear hair removed, nails clipped and or filed (dremel),brush out.

$42      Small 

$52      Medium

$72+    Large 


$55       Mini

$65       Medium

$80       Large

$95     XL

Additional Services

Teeth Brushing+ Breath Spray $12

Special Handling Fee- starts at $25

Flea Shampoo- $15 **see flea post** -->

De Shed - $15-$45 depending on size.

*We do not offer walk in nail trims

Your COVID-safe Dog Grooming Salon

Navigating COVID and your dog's grooming needs can be challenging, to make it easier we now offer 24/7 online scheduling and curbside drop-off

24/7 Scheduling 


Hear what all the bark is about!

Sarah was very friendly, soothing & gentle with Ralphie, my 3 year old rescue terrier mix. He got a nice bath & nail trimming and a bit of a trim. He was scared by the hair blower/dryer & electronic nail trimmer because of the noise but Sarah was very reassuring to him.

Sue M.

Sarah was fabulous! Super nice, professional, and did a great job with Mona! Very happy. We’ll be booking again soon!

Suzy L.

Sarah was great and really took her time grooming my dog which I really appreciated. She listened to my grooming requests and was detailed. I love my dog’s haircut and she looks beautiful!

Linnea R.

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